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The 12th Man is a campaign committed to helping more people talk about mental health. They offer a range of training courses to individuals and to companies, so that people like us can grow the skills and the confidence to support others who might need it.

Currently they are supporting a range of businesses, from tattooists, pubs, barber shops, and even taxis – where a quick chat might really make a difference. And wherever you see their logo, you know there’ll be someone there with the training to help out. 

12th Man Campaign

We are very proud to announce that Curfew Grooming has partnered with The 12th Man Barbershop, an award-winning project that trains barbers to talk openly about mental health with their clients and staff. All of our staff and management have already signed up for a training course on February 3rd, and we will be representing The 12th Man for the London area.

It’s not easy at the moment. And, mental health is still not talked about enough – especially now that we’ve been told to stay at home, cover our mouths with masks, and reduce our contact with others.  

But this letter is to say that, whatever the problem, and whatever might be on your chest, we’ve got you and we will be here to listen.

Curfew Grooming.

Learn more about The 12th Man, and The 12th Man Barbershop here:


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